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International qualifications/examinations

One of peculiar features of KIMI is that besides a high-quality higher education programs in financial sphere institute offers to take prestigious international professional qualifications.

KIMI is the only official examination center of CFA® in Ukraine since 1997.

KIMI is the only official examination center of FRM in Ukraine since 1997.

KIMI is the only official examination center of CIIA® in Ukraine since 2002.

In addition to examination center KIMI also trains to pass these exams on its programs. Below you can find full description of the programs.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

The Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR®) is an international, nonprofit organization of more than 49,000 investment practitioners and educators in over 100 countries.

Founded in January 1990, AIMR® was created from the merger of the Financial Analysts Federation (FAF) and the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts (ICFA). The FAF was originally established in 1947 as a service organization for investment professionals in its societies and chapters. The ICFA was founded in 1959 to examine candidates and award the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

First awarded in 1963, the CFA charter has become the designation of professional excellence within the global investment community. Around the world, employers and investors recognize the CFA designation as the definitive standard for measuring competence and integrity within the profession of investment management. Those who earn the right to use the CFA designation demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning that is essential to providing the high-quality service that today's investment industry demands

Since 1997 KIMI is the only official CFA examining center in Ukraine.

Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA®)

The Association of Certified International Investment Analysts (ACIIA®) is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee, established in the UK in June 2000.

Since 1997, representatives from the Asian Securities Analysts Federation (ASAF), Associacao Brasileira dos Analistas do Mercado de Capitais (ABAMEC) and the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) have been working together to develop an internationally recognised qualification for professionals working in the areas of investment analysis, portfolio management and corporate finance.

Certified International Investment Analyst or CIIA® is an internationally recognised advanced professional qualification for individuals working in the finance and investment industry.

Increasing globalisation of investment markets mean the world's key financial institutions are integrating their operations across the major financial centres of the world.

CIIA® is the passport you need as employers recognise the advantage of hiring mobile professionals with qualifications that will enable them to work in any international financial centre.

CIIA® is currently recognised and supported by the world's leading Federations EFFAS, ASAF, and ABAMEC and Societies for finance and investment analysts from: Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain and Switzerland.

Since 2002 KIMI is the only official CIIA® examining center in Ukraine. Kyiv Business School trains for the exam on the second term of Investment Management program.

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

The Global Association of Risk Professionals is an independent organization of risk management practitioners and researchers, founded by a group of risk managers from the finance industry who felt that the financial risk management profession should extend beyond the risk control departments of financial institutions.

GARP is a diverse international association of over 20,000 professionals from a variety of backgrounds and organizations who share a common interest in the risk management field. GARP's mission is to serve its members by facilitating the exchange of information, developing educational programs, and promoting standards in the area of financial risk management. Local activities are organized by volunteer Regional Directors in 37 cities around the world.

Corporations, funds, municipalities, and other institutions rely on risk management professionals such as treasurers, risk analysts, portfolio managers, etc. to make crucial decisions which can determine the fate of the organization and its investors in periods of distress in the financial markets. In an increasingly complex and interdependent world of financial markets and products, only those organizations which are able to effectively manage and control their risks will have the ability to succeed. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification establishes that an individual possesses the body of knowledge necessary for independent risk management analysis and decision making

Since 2002 KIMI is the only official FRM examining center in Ukraine. Kyiv Business School trains for the exam on the second term of Risk Management program.

Chartered Secretaries (CS)

ICSA (Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) is the professional body for Chartered Secretaries. A Chartered Secretary is qualified in company law, accounting, corporate governance, administration, company secretarial practice and management. They are trained to chart a course through regulation, legislation and best practice, and to deliver effective operations.

Chartered Secretaries work as company secretaries and in other senior positions in companies, charities, local government, educational institutions and trade bodies. The Institute has 44,000 Members and 28,000 Students in over 70 countries.

Chartered Secretaries usually play a central role in the governance and management of their organisations. They are trained to chart a course through regulation, legislation and best practice and to deliver effective operations.

Chartered Secretaries have various job titles. They include company secretary, operations manager, share registrar, senior administrator, charity secretary, democratic services officer in local government, secretary to the board and many more. They are employed in all sectors of the economy, including companies, not-for-profit organisations and local government. Those who work in public practice take on assignments for a number of organisations. Others work within organisations such as firms of accountants or solicitors and take on company secretarial work for clients of the firm.

Kyiv Business School trains for the CS on the second term of Corporation Management program.

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Certified in Financial Management (CFM)

The IMA (Institute of Management Accountants) is the leading professional organization devoted exclusively to management accounting and financial management. As set forth in its mission and vision statements, its goals are to help members develop both personally and professionally, by means of education, certification, and association with other business professionals.

As a respected leader within the global financial community, the IMA influences the concepts and ethical practices in management accounting and financial management. Its ethical standards provide guidance to practitioners for maintaining the highest levels of ethical conduct.

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and the Certified in Financial Management (CFM) Programs have been designed to recognize the unique qualifications and expertise of those professionals engaged in management accounting and financial management. These certifications provide distinction in today's economic climate and afford the opportunity to certify your expertise in the business areas that are critical to the decision-making process.