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Leadership Workshop

Joint project of Kyiv's Business School and Leadership Forming Center in the area of creation pro-active education services and management personnel development, personal growth, soft organizational problem solving, corporative research of the organizational behavior components.

Human is no more a resource:

  • He is hard to work with
  • His motivation, job attitude and ability to win make business dependent upon him.

    Does trainings and consulting give real benefits only if you and your collective became skilled? Not only!

    If they made discovery which brings to the internal transformation of world outlook then skills are efficient.

    We do not learn to act efficiently, we learn to be efficient

    Thus, we decided to improve a wide experience of skills and practical knowledge in a Leadership Workshop.

    Break-through into the human potency center.

    "Self" of our collaborators co-ordinate their efficiency. "Self" is charged with the proper use of skills. "Self" influences on effectiveness of a company.

    Our inference: we need another system of education, like deep immersion in a perception of your own motivation, potential, mental and behavior handling.

    The curriculum consists of:
    Widening of vision or exceeding the limits, look from the outside, transformation of world outlook, exploring of knowledge. Transformation is provided by our personal leadership experience plus cooperation with American and Dutch experts. They assists us with systems of reasoned faculties determination handling, emotion map and emotion controlling strategies development and with personal growth managing.