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Summary of the previous phases of the REAP project:

Under the REAP project, KIMI in collaboration with Stirling University (Scotland) had developed and incorporated eight modules into KIMI's degree programme "Investment management" - the advanced programme the ultimate aim of which is to equip students with the level of knowledge sufficient for taking most challenging professional examinations for international designation such as CFA and CIIA. Parts of the modules were also integrated into Post-Graduate and Executive Programmes Curriculum. Textbooks, tests and manuals for these courses are available from KIMI's library for the students, members of Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts (USFA) and wide range of professional organisations associated with KIMI.

Six lecturers of KIMI visited Stirling University where they underwent training on teaching technique and provided assistance with preparation the courses. Also lecturers from Scotland paid a visit to KIMI where they gave a number of open lectures on Corporate Governance and Portfolio management to a diverse audience such as academic staff of KIMI and other higher education institutions, members of Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts, representatives of regulatory authorities and others.

The following courses developed:

  • Equity markets and equity securities
  • Portfolio management
  • Bond markets and securities
  • Derivative securities
  • Financial analysis
  • Risk Management

As a result of all the above the whole curriculum of the KIMI have been greatly improved. Contemporary teaching methods have been utilised in the other courses of KIMI, not initially covered in the project. Unique materials and literature on the subjects had been made available for the students and lecturers. Also some materials can be viewed on the specially dedicated to the REAP project site. A number of links with other institutions and financial sector businesses had been established.

At the final stage of the REAP project KIMI is to disseminate the targeted courses to its long-term partner Ukrainian Stock Market Development Institute of the Kyiv National Economic University (USMDI). The ultimate purpose of this part is to share with USMDI the benefits (the developed courses) and experience (new teaching technique and approach) gained during the previous stages of the project by KIMI in order to improve the Masters degree programme "Financial Market╗ offered by the USMDI, enhance the impact of the project on Ukrainian educational and business community as well as to strengthen co-operation between academic partners. It will be implemented by means of seminars, formal and informal meetings and guest lectures of USMDI and KIMI academic staff and dissemination of the KIMI's materials. All the materials of the courses will be reviewed and adjusted to meet specific requirements of the partner-institution curriculum. To reinforce the exposure of the project media and other business partners of both institutions are intended to be participating in the most events.

The courses /modules/ as well as modern teaching technique and the assessment methods, which had been developed in the course of the REAP program, will be delivered to USMDI. The following materials for each of the eight course /modules/ will be delivered to USMDI:

  • Revised syllabus for courses
  • Comprehensive lecture notes
  • Sample test and examination materials
  • Textbooks and manual training

It is expected that the following results will be achieved:

  • The only in Ukraine Masters degree programme "Financial Market", offered by the USMDI, will be improved in terms of the structure and content of the syllabus, the approach to teaching and the assessment methods
  • USMDI will receive eight courses and modules with enhancement of the abilities of the lecturing staff by exposing them to contemporary developments in Financial markets
  • The academic staff of the USMDI will be familiar with modern teaching technology and new methods of teaching
  • KIMI will support to USMDI in enabling the delivery of the course modules, developed in the course of the REAP program, in the future, as well as in ensuring that they are of an appropriate standard and stay relevant to the needs of the local Market
  • The success and impact of the overall REAP project will be greatly reinforced, the project's achievements will be consolidated, and the project's outputs will be disseminated
  • USMDI will join the international qualifications and exams system on global Financial markets
  • Componentry of the modules developed due course of the REAP program will be incorporated into training and certification programs of the Securities and Stock Market State Commission of Ukraine
  • New knowledge correlated with international professional qualifications, will be disseminated among the USMDI' students and seminars' participants, as well as representatives of the local Financial community, which are: members of the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business, the Ukrainian Association of Stock Market Lawyers, other Stock Market professionals and corporate world representatives

Dissemination activities that have already taken place:
  Date Action taken Output achieved
1 18-20 of June The courses, developed under the REAP programme, were presented on specialy dedicated stand at the VIIIth Annual International Forum "The Ukrainian Capital Market - 2003". USMDI was introduced as a KIMI's partner that will be using these materials in its programmes the following year. About 3000 participants took place in the Forum. Most of them were top managers, lead specialists, authorities, scientists, students. Their attention were specially drown to the project. Many of them expressed their interest and support.
2 October - December KIMI web-pages dedicated to REAP were updated. The web-site Presentation on "Corporate governance" was made available for the site visitors. Placement of the cross reference to the REAP from the web-site "Research-and-practical information project "Financial Market" The web-sites of KIMI and "Financial Market" are visited daily by more than 2000 of teachers, students, financial specialists and others. Awareness about the project have been considerably increased. Attention of potential partners and students have been drown to the project
3 6.11.03 Presentation of the courses /modules/, which were developed by KIMI under the REAP program for "Certified financial analyst" programme About 15 representatives of USMDI were acquainted with the modules developed. Explanation on how the modules were integrated into KIMI's "Certified Financial analyst" programme were given, the improvements in the programme were specifically highlighted. Professor M. Theobald of Birmingham university took part in the presentation. Representatives of mass-madia also attended
4 26.12.03 Meeting between USMDI and KIMI staff took place Materials developed by KIMI were discussed, the needs of USMDI programmes were pin-pointed and assessed

Activities to be held in the period January - May 2004
  Date Action Output expected
1 February Seminar - presentation for USMDI lecturers and students The objectives of the project will be introduced to about 40 representatives of USMDI. KIMI's academic staff will present the modules developed to the audience. A round table discussion will take place afterwards
2 February - March Internship of the USMDI' teachers in KIMI. The courses adaptation. The program curriculum adjustment The teachers of the USMDI will cope with modern teaching technology and new methods of teaching of delivery
3 February Publication of PR-materials on the REAP results and new courses in Securities of Ukraine newspaper Circulation of Securities of Ukraine newspaper is 10 000 copies plus Presentation of the publication on the newspaper web-site
4 March - April Guest lectures, seminars and training of KIMI in USMDI. The courses appraisal by the students and teachers of USMDI USMDI will join to the international qualifications and exams on global Financial markets
  April 2004 Incorporation of the ˝omponentry of new courses modules into the training and seminars of professional associations of the fields of finance and investments by means of seminars and specially developed presentations New knowledge correlated with international professional qualifications, will be disseminated among the USMDI' students, representatives of the local Financial community among them the Ukrainian Association of Investment Business, the Ukrainian Association of Stock Market Lawyers, other Stock Market professionals and corporate world representatives

Anyone wishing to obtain more information about the project may contact inter@kimi.edu